I’m here for you to help make this experience as fun and free as it can be. Together we’ll piece together a gorgeous wardrobe and beautiful location for your family to create memories in. My style is best described as curated documentary – where we set the scene for beautiful, emotive images while capturing your family’s authentic moments


  • Individual styling and location help
  • A session, setting, and experience customized to your family
  • Online gallery of artistically edited images
  • Access to professional print lab and list of other recommended shops

Gratitude discount of $150 for returning families on all full sessions. Studio rental or travel outside of Jefferson or Boulder counties may be subject to additional fees. $300 retainer to book, remaining balance due shortly after your session


Your family session should be an experience instead of just pictures. It’s a time for you to enjoy all the love and chaos that your family encompasses. We’ll always try to get a couple nice smile at the camera pictures, but besides that I aim to capture everything that truly tells your family’s story – the details, the laughter, the in between moments. Things that you’ll look back on years from now and be thankful to have the memories captured. Outdoor sessions take place at a beautiful scenic location at sunset. 

$1100 | All Best Images

Half Sessions – set dates and locations $575


There’s nothing like the beauty that the Colorado mountains offer. The air is peaceful and refreshing, and it sets the perfect atmosphere for an evening of memories with your family. Perfect for the adventurous family, whether you’re here visiting or looking for the breathtaking scenery. Locations include Summit County, Rocky Mountain National Park, or anywhere beautiful within 2 hours of Denver.

$1500 | All Best Images


Clients often tell me that they weren’t sure if they really wanted maternity pictures, but are always so glad to have them. I get it, I skipped them with my first and always regretted it. Growing a new life is incredible and you deserve to have this beautiful journey documented! The session is focused on your love for your growing baby, and can include partner, kids, pets.

$950 | 15 Images


A time to document the joy of new life, and the birth of your new season as parents. These are lifestyle sessions that can take place in your home, in studio, or my in home studio. Sessions may last up to two hours as we follow baby’s timeline and it’s meant to be a stress free experience for you. Final gallery will include your selection of favorite images, so it shows all the moments and details that are most important to you. 

$950 | 15 Images

Maternity + Newborn

Maternity and newborn package to fully capture this new beginning in your life. All your favorite images from each session. Studio rental or extra travel are subject to additional fees



3-month, sitter, 9-month, birthdays. My in home studio offers a beautiful space to get quick, simple updated pictures of your baby as they grow


For photographers

Styled shootouts with educational add-on. Come create beautiful styled content for your portfolio and connect with other creatives

Two model families led by two seasoned photographers focused on all things connection and inspiration

July 21, 2024 Wildflower Shootout

August 28, 2024 Campground Shootout

What to expect

After the contract and retainer are completed, your session will be on the calendar.

6 weeks before your session I’ll send you a styling email full of tips and resources for piecing together your wardrobe. You’ll also receive a questionnaire to tell me all about your family’s personalities, your hopes for the session, and what is most special to you about your current season of life.

Location is part of planning as a key element for setting a beautiful scene. A lot of time and thought has been put into the locations I love to shoot at for scenery, light, variety, and emotion. We will discuss what locations you are drawn to and what might be the best fit for your family. Exact meeting location and time will be confirmed a couple days before your session in order to account for any weather or last minute external changes. All outdoor sessions start approximately 60-90 minutes before sunset. 

A short preparation email will be sent in the days leading up to your session, to cover any other loose ends or things you may not think about to help you feel relaxed and prepared

We’ll arrive at our meeting spot and ease into the evening. Turn on some favorite music, let your kids get comfortable, and get a couple classic “holiday card” shots out of the way.

Whether your kids are high energy and ready to be silly, or if they’re attached to you at the hip and need time to warm up – we will meet them where they are without any pressure of them needing to be something they aren’t. Beautiful and meaningful photos can be captured either way. 

While we will get pretty, wall worthy images of your family together, this is really a time to wholly tune into the present and enjoy the moment together. Soak in the laughs, their tiny hands, the way they excitedly play around. The feeling of what it means to be together. Those are the moments you will want to remember five, ten, twenty years from now.

Gentle guidance from me behind the camera, an open invite to explore the environment, and your interactions naturally unfolding on camera will all combine into a beautiful, storytelling gallery of images. 

Your online gallery of high resolution, artistically edited images will be delivered via email. Turn around time is up to 4-6 weeks for family sessions. You have full rights to download and print the images how you see fit, however your gallery does include access to professional print labs as well as a list of my favorite shops to order from. 

You’ll also have me as a forever cheerleader for your family, and a gratitude discount of $150 off future full sessions for all returning clients.

Most of all, I hope you cherish these pictures for a lifetime – as an experience you remember fondly and sweet fleeting memories you’ll never have to forget. 


Contact me or book online here to get your session on the calendar. $300 retainer and signed contract are required to save your date, remaining balance is due day before your session.

After booking (or about a month before your session date) I’ll start reaching out to you so we can connect on styling, location, and what your hopes for your session are. I will finalize location and exact starting time the day before your session (as things can change with weather, scenery, lighting and I’m always checking til the last minute to guarantee the session needs will be met before sending information), as well as send you my prep email of how to feel relaxed and ready for pictures.

Gallery turnaround is up to 4-6 weeks for family sessions, 3-4 weeks for maternity or newborn. You’ll have full access to download high resolution images and gallery delivery will include a list of all my favorite places to print from.

I spend a lot of time finding locations that are perfect for family sessions, and conducive to the way I use light. Most locations on my list offer an open space, variety, and a mountain/foothill backdrop. Locations may be up to an hour drive for Jeffco/Boulder sessions, up to two hours for mountain sessions. In our pre session communication I will ask you where you’re located and if you have any specific hopes, to help me guide and choose what location will be the best fit for your family. You are welcome to let me know if there’s a spot that is special to you, or request any of my previously used locations with enough notice to make sure I can accommodate.

Newborn sessions take place in your home, in a rented studio for an additional fee, or optional outside during the warm months.

All outdoor sessions start around 1-1.5 hour before sunset. This time changes throughout the year, and may also be dependent on location or weather. Sessions last about 30-60 minutes depending on family size, kids moods, walk time, location etc. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow yourself and kids time to relax and warm up.

This may mean that your session is past bedtime. Kids are normally excited to be out somewhere new and having fun outdoors. Adjust naptime if needed, make sure they’re fed, and come relaxed ready to have a good time. I’ve never had a kid grumpy enough that we didn’t get a beautiful gallery. Bring some jammies and let them fall asleep on the way home. I promise it will be okay!

Indoor sessions vary based on lighting in your home but typically best around late morning/mid-day.
In order to provide you the quality of work you see in my portfolio, outdoor sessions only take place about an hour before sunset. This may mean that your session is pushing bedtime. Since it’s only one day out the year, kids are normally excited to be out somewhere new and having fun outdoors. Adjust naptime if needed, make sure they’re fed, and come relaxed ready to have a good time. I’ve never had a kid grumpy enough that we didn’t get a beautiful gallery. Bring some jammies and let them fall asleep on the way home. I promise it will be okay!

The perfect styling is a combination of what feels like “you” and what photographs well. You’ll receive an in depth styling email to help guide you on wardrobe, and I’m here to help as much or as little as you want me to. My goal is to make this an easy, stress free, and beautiful experience for you.

You don’t! My sessions are very natural and family led. In my pre-session email I give you tips on what to expect and how to naturally engage with your family in front of the camera. Often times at sessions I’ll “set the scene” and place you in a certain area or grouping then encourage you to comfortably act as you would with your family. This is how I capture your true essence and interactions with your kids, rather than barking poses at you that may feel unnatural the entire time. It will be a very playful and connection based experience.
I am pretty good at photoshop, however I am not a wizard. Before your session please consider if there’s anything you would ask to be photoshopped (bra strap, underwear line, Apple Watch) and fix it accordingly. I do skin retouching on all images, if there’s something specific you do or do not want edited (ie scars) please let me know ahead of time to see if I can accommodate. I do not alter bodies as your body is beautiful and worthy of pictures exactly as it is now.
Bring yourselves. Bring non messy snacks for the car ride over to make sure your kids tummies are full. Baby wipes to clean their faces or noses before we start. If you have a spitting up or blowout baby, wait to change them til you arrive. Comfortable but cute neutral shoes for all members of the family.

If you’d like to include your fur babies in a couple pictures, I recommend either bringing someone to watch them afterward or putting them back in the car (if the temperature and location allows). This allows for the remaining part of your session to be focused on loving your human children, to capture the kind of authentic moments you see in my portfolio. Without always keeping an eye the dog or having their butt photobomb all your pictures. Dogs must be well behaved, leashed, and cleaned up after. 

The only happy participation that’s required is by the adults. Please, don’t stress about your kids. We can meet them where they are. If they’re shy or nervous we’ll create comfortable moments for them to warm up. If they’re feeling wild we’ll have lots of fun and play a lot. At the end of the day all that matters is that you have moments of genuinely loving on your kids, to remember how little and special they are at this time in your lives.

You can always leave him at home for a motherhood session, you’ll always be thankful for these moments with your kids. OR bribery can work on husbands too. Tell him this is your super bowl, your one hour out of the whole year that is for this special time. It’s so important to communicate with all participants ahead of time about what to expect at the session – that we’re going to have fun and that it will be very natural. Often times simply telling your family how much it means to you to have family pictures, will help them appreciate sharing this experience with you. Since my sessions are very naturally led and connection focused, dads almost always relax into pictures and simply enjoy your moments together too.