Kane Family

Truly my FAVORITE thing is seeing your families year after year. This little guy grew so much since our session when he was a little two month old fresh baby. They truly made it so easy with how cute they are, and having two different looks added so much variety to their gallery. Obsessed with these pictures.



Hi, I’m Lauren! Mom to two girls, beach and mountain enthusiast, sunset extraordinaire. You’ll usually find me barefoot in the grass, watching Grey’s Anatomy, or whipping up something in the kitchen. I get gushy over my clients and how cute you are with your kids, and it would never seem like I was blasting raunchy rap in the car on the way to your session. The two main themes of my life are practicing self love and appreciating the small moments. Watching my daughter’s hold hands, the way my baby scrunches her nose when she smiles, the sound of their laughs echoing through our home. This is my favorite thing about capturing your family’s small moments – so you have them to always cherish and remember too. If you have a sarcastic sense of humor while also having a deep appreciation for all of life’s beautiful things, we’ll probably get along perfectly.